You Don't HAVE a Soul-You ARE a Soul

I grew up learning about religion and spirituality as I believed most all Americans did. What I walked away with as a child was that we have a mind, a body, and a soul. I formed many of my world views from this paradigm.

I think it is important to question all of our paradigms as we go through life. You must know what you believe, why you believe, and how you attained the belief in the first place. If you don’t, you are building your life by circumstances- not by design.

It is amazing to me how a belief is created in the first place. How the mind works and the difference between conscious and subconscious thought. I have had to reassess many of my paradigms as I progress. That is not a bad thing. Growth is growth. Change is the only thing that is constant.

The study of paradigms and beliefs is a lifelong one. But I want to talk about one that was the biggest for me-- and for most of the people I work with. That is changing from the belief that I HAVE a soul to I AM a soul. To small words-- two giant meanings.

You see, I went under the, “I have a soul” paradigm for a long time. Perhaps you did too. Perhaps you still do. If you do, please consider the difference.

If you are a physical being that has a soul, you will operate completely different from being a soul. I like to say we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. It just paints a picture perfectly.

Since we are souls, we have complete, total, and instant access to God. Some people feel better using The Infinite, The Universe, or some other term. I am usually asked to insert my term (God) where they use their term I will ask you to feel free to do the same. I am not trying to convert you to anything other than to realize that you have infinite potential within you.

As a soul, you have knowledge available to you. No problem is bigger than your source. You are not at the mercy of outside circumstances. Thoughts such as, “If only…” or “When this happens, I can…” become extinct.

You have access to all wisdom and all knowledge right now. My mentor Mary uses a great analogy.

She says if you go to the internet you can find anything known to man. All the collected knowledge of man through the ages is there. But if you don’t ask a calibrated question, you will get an answer, but not the one you were looking for.

Let’s say I want to go to a movie. If I ask for directions to theater, I’ll get directions alright-- but not necessarily to the exact theater I wanted. But if I calibrate my question to the address of the Studio Grill Tavern in Highland Village, TX, I will get the address I wanted.

Of course you know this to be true. But you also have access to the INfinet. It is a collection of all the universe so far. But if you don’t ask a calibrated question, the answer you get will be correct, but not the one you wanted.

I use both the internet and the INfinet daily. I hope you do also. If you don’t, please consider it.

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See you soon,