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FrontSeat/Back Seat:

View From The Front

True Life Limousine Stories and Limousine Humor!
 After 23 years of driving limousines in Dallas and Houston, TX, Fred has just about seen it all. His 9 years in The Marine Corps gave him his unflappable ability to handle whatever true-life humor came his way. 
Amidst humor at work situations—consisting of mechanical failures, delayed flights, miscommunications of the passengers, and various hiccups of trips through the years—Fred acquired a bevy of limousine stories and limousine humor to use to assuage clients in any situation.


He has had the pleasure of driving the highest quality clients from all over the world. This experience fostered his global worldview versus a narrow, local one. His limousine stories are as thought-provoking, as well as humorous. 
Invariably, a passenger would ask him to tell true limousine stories about previous trips. How interesting it must have been to be a limousine driver. Surely he must have humorous life stories to tell? 


At the suggestion and inspiration of Marlee Matlin, the actress and author he drove for one of her book signings, he decided to write FrontSeat/BackSeat: View From The Front to share his limousine stories which so many inquisitive passengers solicited and savored tremendously. 
Sit back and enjoy a humorous collection of wildly disparate limousine stories providing an unconventional look at the life of a maverick driver and his way of dealing with limousine humor at work.

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