The More Profound Your Gratitude The More Profound Your Life

My last post started addressing how to change the paradigm and start producing more while working less. I shared that the first thing is to become “The Observer” and notice what you are feeling. Those Feelings you notice are directly created by your thoughts. So, Thoughts create Feelings which create Actions which create Results.

If I want a new feeling, I need a new thought. It’s so simple, it’s overlooked. New Thoughts create New Feelings which create New Actions which create New Results. So, again, the first step is to observe my feeling. The obvious next step as The Observer is to examine the feeling-- is it desirable or undesirable? If it’s undesirable, I know it was an undesirable thought that created that feeling.


I change undesirable thoughts to desirable thoughts. Which brings me to the best and easiest way to change your thoughts, feelings, actions and results. It is to be grateful. Again, it sounds too simple. Why do we want to make life hard? It is simple.

The more profound my gratitude, the more profound my life will be. We can get into discussions and studies regarding frequencies and energies and fancy proven theories, but I want to keep this simple. It works. If you want to change your results-- and your life-- be grateful. I keep a gratitude journal completely separate from my other journals. I write five things I’m grateful for every day. I suggest you give it a try.

If you keep a journal, I think you will be amazed at how quickly things improve in your life. You might think you will exhaust the things you’re grateful for if you list them. The exact opposite is true. I started by listing my wife and kids. All my family members, too. But then I realized I saw a beautiful sunset, so I wrote it down. Then I started to think about how I have running water. I have hot water. I have sanitary water. I almost filled up an entire page of gratitude simply thinking of water. Your possibilities for gratitude are endless-- but you won’t notice them if you don’t write them down.

It’s not about how significant the thing for which you are grateful might be. It matters how significant your gratitude for that thing is. As you grow in gratitude, and you stay in a state of gratitude, the laws will work for you whether you have studied them deeply yet or not.

I do not know all the ins and out of electricity, but I do use it all the time. I flip a switch, and if it’s wired correctly, I will get light. I don’t have to be an electrical engineer to reap the benefits of the laws of electricity. I simply learn how to use it. I can do the same thing with gratitude.

And so can you.

Give it a shot.

Start a gratitude journal and watch your life change. It will elevate your thoughts. It will improve your feelings. You will take better actions and have amazing results-- all from gratitude. Simple.

If you have any questions regarding gratitude or anything else in your journey, please feel free to contact me with your questions or comments. My email is in my contact info. Or feel free to check out my case study at the top or bottom of this page.