“Who Do You Hang With?”

I have been thinking about “The Circle of Five” Theory. I don’t really know - or care- about its origins, but its consequences are astounding to me. It’s summed up like this: Take the average of the four or five people you hang out with the most and average their income-- it’ll be your income.

It’s not the income part that astounds me. It’s the implications of that income. You hang out with people you like, and that like you. You have similar thoughts. You are comfortable with these people. You are comfortable with their thoughts. That’s why you chose them, and why they chose you.

Chances are you didn’t really screen your five. They just sort of evolved. Our friends serve us and we serve them. But if one in the group decides to improve his situation, it causes friction. And if one tries to build an ultimate dream life the friction can turn into total resistance.

Why? Because change is uncomfortable for them. Fear is involved. They fear losing a friend or fear looking bad. You have fear too. You might fear losing your friends and not gaining new ones. You may experience fear of failure- or fear of success.

The truth remains that if you want to improve your life, you will have to improve your “Circle of Five.” That does not mean you must forsake your lifelong buddy or anyone in your current circle.

You might simply make shifts.

You wouldn’t just hand your newborn baby to an unskilled friend without supervising him. It doesn’t mean you will never be friends with that person, but the relationship has shifted. You wouldn’t let friends tell your children they are dumb or that they will never be successful in life. You may or may not choose to ever hang with them again.

The point is you need to start being selective with your friends and your time. We know that what we focus on expands. If we focus on expansive friends and ideas, we will enjoy an expansive life. Conversely, if we focus on contractive friends and ideas, we experience a life of contraction. We are greatly influenced by our friends.

If you have definite dreams and goals, then you will have to become the person who lives those dreams and achieves those goals. You do not try to achieve the dreams from where you are, rather, you come from those dreams. You discover the vibration of your dreams and then match it. You must change. You become the person living the new dream life. Everything is created twice- first in the mind, then in the material world.

An easy way to change your vibration is to change your circle of five. You find those who have what you want, are living the life you wish to live, or are on the path you want to travel. Slowly, you will see your circle is filled with skilled friends who support you and ask you for support in return.

In this frame, your life and ideas are expansive. To achieve this, ask yourself, “Is this person expansive or contractive?” If your answer is contractive, consider spending less and less time with them because it no longer serves you well to hang with them. You may discard them, but more likely, you will simply make some shifts.

The idea of upgrading your circle of five follows the proven concept that thoughts create feelings which create actions which create results. If you’re not feeling expansive, it’s surefire that you are not thinking expansive thoughts. Stop and change your thoughts.

What better way to change your thoughts than to hang out with friends who have the thoughts you wish to share? Your circle becomes expansive, your thoughts become expansive, as do your actions and then your results.

I challenge to shift and upgrade your own circle of five.

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